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Roe in Review

The Alligator took a deeper dive into how the overturn of Roe v. Wade is impacting Gainesville and north central Florida through a newsroom-wide project.

This is Roe in Review.

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What are sex education standards in Alachua County Public Schools?

Florida law doesn’t require schools to teach sex education, but health-related curriculum must address teenage pregnancy. Yet, Alachua parents and students report a lacking sex education within Alachua County Public Schools. However, after 10 years of a relatively stagnant curriculum, ACPS specialists are revisiting the standards to hopefully revamp them soon, some administrators say. Sophia Bailly explores the topic more in depth in her story here.

Where does Gen Z fall on abortion?

Although it’s true the majority of Gen Z supports abortion access, young people do make up what’s known as the “pro-life generation” that successfully overturned Roe. In Peyton Harris and Anushka Dakshit’s story here, they dive deeper into anti-abortion perspectives among youth in Gainesville.

How is Roe affecting UF’s OB-GYN curriculum?

Between the overturn of Roe and Florida enacting new constraints on abortion, UF OB-GYNs have experienced firsthand some of the effects on their ability to provide care for their patients. Despite abortion procedures being scarce in medical school curriculum anyway, Florida’s encroaching restrictions on abortions came as a disappointment to one doctor we interviewed. Read more about changes in the curriculum here, in a story by Siena Duncan.

Does this issue impact the work of Florida’s OB-GYNs?

According to two that we talked to in Tampa and Jacksonville, the answer is a resounding yes. Issues ranging from treating out-of-state patients and sending their own patients across state borders are at the top of the list. Learn more about what some doctors are saying here in a story by Melanie Peña.

Was abortion a contentious issue in Florida’s midterm elections?

Despite candidate emphasis on reproductive rights, Democrats didn’t pull voters in key Florida races. Now, Florida Democrats are rallying to recover from the loss while state Republicans look to stricter abortion guidelines in the coming months. Read more about this charge in Heather Bushman’s story here.

OB-GYN & Abortion Clinic
Gainesville Map

By Isabella Douglas

This map shows addresses for two confirmed Gainesville locations where women may recieve an abortion as well as several OB-GYN Gainesville clinics for women to recieve care and ask reproductive health questions. This map was last updated Dec. 12, 2022.

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